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An evening in the park with Teagan and Ruby { Iowa and Nebraska photographer }

Teagan and Ruby were up for an adventure in the park looking for different areas to do their portraits. Although the trees didn’t fully have their leaves yet there was green grass,sweet little white flowers blooming , plenty of pathways and of course the lake. The kids were their usual happy selves who are always […]

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Kord at 4 months + Mommy! { Iowa and Nebraska baby photographer }

Kord’s newborn session was one of the easiest recent sessions I’ve done and his four month session was the same. Kord is such a smiley happy little guy who is so responsive especially to his big brothers and Mommy! Sarah brought some cute clothes alone for Kord to model, which he did with sweet smiles […]

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Sean 8 months { Iowa and Nebraska baby photographer }

Sean with his awesome big brown eyes was a perfect little gentlemen at his 8 month session. I just love his baby chub with those kissable cheeks. It certainly has been fun to watch him grow and change, excited to see what his year session brings!

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Layla in April { Iowa and Missouri baby photographer }

Happy little Layla has added a few new things to her ” I can now do this” list. She scoots around the house on her belly, although sometimes she gets up on all fours and it looks like she may actually crawl. She is starting to pull herself up about half way up on furniture. […]

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Super “hero” Liam { Iowa and Missouri photographer}

While I was down visiting the kids last week Liam said to me ” Grandma I wish I was a REAL Super Hero, I’d be Super Man”. Well in my eyes you are a Super Hero Liam…you are an amazing little boy! You are thoughtful, give great hugs, have a wonderful imagination, are a great […]

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